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School Workshops


These workshops introduce students to basic skills used to create copper, brass & silver jewellery - including saw piercing, filing, drilling, polishing, decorative patterning and texturing finishes & basic design principles.

Students will be guided through the design and creation several negotiable jewellery projects. Project options include neck pendants, wrapped finger rings, earrings and stamped cuff bracelets.


At the conclusion of the class/s students will have learnt the skills necessary to design and decorate basic forms of jewellery in precious metals.


Suitable for beginners (ages 13yo +)


Individual basic hand tool kits available for groups of up to 10 students. (Tools can be shared to cater for larger groups). 


All materials & equipment supplied.​


Venue Requirements.

Art room or technical studies workshop facilities, sturdy tables or workbenches, adjustable height seating, access to a sink.


Please contact me directly for more information & to discuss your individual requirements.

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