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Anodised Aluminium Jewellery Brooches Meghan O'Rourke
Anodised aluminium jewellery cluster brooches meghan o'rourke



As a contemporary jeweller and metalsmith Meghan O’Rourke aims to create precious objects for the body that are both playful and ornate.


After several years experience working in the retail jewellery industry, Meghan completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts & Design at ACArts where she specialised in jewellery. She then went on to spend several years as an associate designer and access tenant within the JamFactory’s prominent Metal Design Studio. Meghan has also gained recognition in various fine art awards and international residencies, including winning the National Contemporary Jewellery Award and a 6 week residency working in Delhi, India. 


Meghan’s work often combines traditional precious metals with the vivid colour palate of anodised titanium and aluminium. Through exploring this medium she has developed specialised hand dying and texturing techniques to achieve distinctive colour blends and fascinating optical effects. Her refined jewellery often explores the use of patterns derived from the delicate structures found in nature, including foliage and coral. Recently the rich and highly worked anodised surfaces have been complimented by the use of blackened steel and other industrial materials to explore decorative Indian imagery and architectural motifs.

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