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2008              Workshop with glass jewellery artist Blanche Tilden, Studio Hacienda, Melbourne, VIC
2008              Mark Vaarwerk ‘Transforming Throwaway Plastics’, workshop attendance, UniSA, Adelaide, SA
2008              Sandy Elverd ‘Contemporary Basket Weaving’ workshop attendance, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2008              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA Inside-Out’, Adelaide, SA
2007              Gold Leaf Miniature Painting Workshop, with Ajay Sharma, Jaipur, India
2007              Gem Palace, workshop and gem cutting tour, Jaipur, India
2007              Attended Nizam's jewels exhibition, National Museum, New Delhi, India
2007              Tamil Ceramic Workshop, with Ramaiya Tangaiya, Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India
2007              Textile printing & indigo dyeing Workshop, Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India
2007              Artist talk attendance, Daniel Kruger, Art Gallery of South Australia
2007              AbaF workshop attendance
2006              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA On Location – making stories: siting, citing, sighting’, Sydney, NSW
2005              Artist talk attendance, Paul Derrez, Art Gallery of South Australia
2005              Vocational Placement with Sue Lorraine, Metal Design studio, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2004              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA Inherited Futures – Technologies To Trap Ideas’, Melbourne, VIC
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