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2008               Jam Factory Access Resident

2006-2007      Jam Factory Associate

2003-2005      Bachelor of Visual Arts & Applied Design

                       Adelaide Centre for the Arts, Adelaide, SA

2000-2001      Bachelor of Interior Design, University of

                       South Australia, Adelaide, SA




2008              Workshop with contemporary glass jewellery

                      artist Blanche Tilden, Studio Hacienda, VIC

2008              Mark Vaarwerk ‘Transforming Throwaway

                      Plastics’, workshop attendance, UniSA, SA

2008              Sandy Elverd ‘Contemporary Basket

                      Weaving’ workshop attendance, SA

2008              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA Inside-Out’,

                      Adelaide, SA

2007              Gold Leaf Miniature Painting Workshop,

                      with Ajay Sharma, Jaipur, India

2007              Gem Palace, workshop and gem cutting

                      tour, Jaipur, India

2007              Attended Nizam's jewels exhibition,

                      National Museum, New Delhi, India

2007              Tamil Ceramic Workshop, with Ramaiya

                      Tangaiya, Sanskriti Kendra, India

2007              Textile printing & indigo dyeing Workshop,

                      Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India

2007              Artist talk attendance, Daniel Kruger, Art

                      Gallery of South Australia

2007              AbaF workshop attendance

2006              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA On

                      Location – making stories: siting, citing,

                      sighting’, Sydney, NSW

2005              Artist talk attendance, Paul Derrez, Art

                      Gallery of South Australia

2005              Vocational Placement with Sue Lorraine,

                      Metal Design studio, JamFactory, SA

2004              Conference attendance: ‘JMGA Inherited

                      Futures – Technologies To Trap Ideas’,

                      Melbourne, VIC


2014              Teaching, ‘Creative Process’ - ACArts, SA
2014              Teaching, ‘Introduction to Jewellery’ Short
                      Course - ACArts,Adelaide, SA
2013              Artist Talk, Unearthly, ‘Inside SAM’s Place’,
                      SA Museum, Adelaide, SA
2012              Teaching, ‘Introduction to Jewellery’ Short
                      Course -  Adelaide College of the Arts, SA
2012              Mentoring program with 3rd year student
                      Adelaide College of the Arts, Adelaide, SA
2012              Teaching, ‘Jewellery Fundamentals’ -
                      Adelaide College of the Arts, Adelaide, SA
2009              Teaching, ‘Changing Colours’ - Introduction
                      to anodising class, JamFactory, SA
2008              JamFactory Artist Slide Talk, JamFactory,
                      Adelaide, SA
2008              Waterhouse Art Prize: Meet the Artist
                      Demonstration, South Australian Museum,
                      Adelaide, SA
2007              Presented Artist Talk, JDTI [Jewellery
                      Design & Technology Institute], Noida,
                      New Delhi, India
2007              ‘CSIRO Double Helix’, conducted jewellery
                      workshop, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2007              ‘JMGA inside out’, workshop planning
                      committee, Adelaide, SA
2007              Starvedog Lane Magnum Design Award
                      entrant, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2007              Anodising Workshop, Thai Project,
                      Assistant Lecturer, ACArts
2007              Public Art Commission: Design for QEH
                     ‘Reeds’ sculpture, Metal Design Studio
2007              Adelaide Fringe Festival, Design Derby
2006              Design Institute South Australian Awards
2006              Starvedog Lane Magnum Design Award
                      entrant, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2006              Public Art Commission: Design for Adelaide
                      City Council tram stops artwork, Metal
                      Design Studio
2006              Manufacture of Public Art  by Michelle
                      Nikou, coins inlaid into cement pavers,
                      Rundle Street, Adelaide
2006              Jewellery tutoring: Jamfactory volunteers
                      ring making workshop, JamFactory, SA
2006              Public Art Commission: ‘St Mary’s College’
                      JamFactory Metal Design Studio
2006              Presented Artist Talk, Enfield Gem &
                      Mineral Society, Adelaide, SA
2005              The Hat Project, workshop, Christian Hall,
                      JamFactory, Adelaide, SA
2003              Cynthia Cousens workshop, JamFactory,
                      Adelaide SA.



2013              ‘Inside SAM’s Place’ collaborative research

                      exhibition, South Australian Museum,  SA

2013              ‘Holding Place: A Repository of Containers

                      and Vessels’ [Online], Gonoksin.

2012              ‘MOVE’, Light Square Gallery, Adelaide, SA

2012              ‘Grass is Greener, Zu Design, Adelaide, S

2011              ‘A Roman Christmas, Zu Design, SA

2011              ‘Cherish’, Artisan, Brisbane, QLD

2011              ‘Christmas showcase’, Studio 20/17, NSW

2011              ‘Saint Ignatius Art Show’, Adelaide, SA

2011              ‘I Heart Jewellery’, SALA, Zu Design

                       jewellery + objects, Adelaide, SA

2011              ‘Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder’

                       [Online], Gonoksin

2011              11th Contemporary Australian Silver &

                      Metalwork Exhibition, Buda House,

                      Castlemaine, VIC

2011              ‘Adornment, Barossa Regional Gallery, SA

2010              ‘Hang Around’, Zu Design jewellery +

                       objects, SA

2010              ‘DOG’, Red Poles Gallery, McLaren Vale, SA

2010              ‘JMGA National Award’, JMGA Biennial

                      Conference, Perth Galleries, Fremantle, WA

2010              ‘Profile’, JMGA NSW, Studio 20/17 Gallery,

                      NSW & Central Tafe Art Gallery, WA

2009              ‘The Making of Contemporary Beauty’,

                      Red Opus Gallery, SA

2009              ‘Christmas gift showcase’, Studio 20/17

                       Gallery, NSW

2009              ‘Cross Roads’, JamFactory Studioworks, SA

2009              ‘Explorations 09’, A&E Metal Merchants,

                       Guildford Lane Gallery, VIC

2009              ‘Explorations 09’, A&E Metal Merchants,

                       Gaffa Gallery, NSW

2009              ‘Cherish’, Artisan, Brisbane, QLD

2009              ‘Cheers’, Zu Design jewellery + objects, SA

2009              ‘It’s simple….they match’, Zu Design

                       jewellery + objects, Adelaide, SA

2009              ‘5 Years’, Inform contemporary jewellery,

                       Christchurch, NZ

2009               Contemporary Wearables ‘09, Toowoomba

                       Regional Art Gallery, QLD

2009               Touring Buda Silver Exhibition, The Arts

                       Center, Geelong Gallery, Mornington  

                       Gallery, VIC

2009               Maestros & Apprentices Black Tie

                       Fundraising Auction, Adelaide, SA

2009               Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork

                       Exhibition, Buda House, Castlemaine, VIC

2009               ‘Ring Theory’, Yorkshire Sculpture Park,

                       Wakefield, UK

2009              ‘Henna: Love, Life & Happiness’, Urban

                       Cow Studio, Adelaide, SA

2009              ‘Aluminium’ (Jewellery Showcase), The

                       Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

2008               National Contemporary Jewellery Award,

                       Griffith Regional Art Gallery, NSW

2008               ‘Present’s at Zu’, Zu Design jewellery +

                       objects, Adelaide, SA

2008               Concurrent, Gallery 139, Adelaide, SA

2008               Dogs & Cars, ArtRoom5, Adelaide, SA

2008               Under the Banyan Tree, Light Square

                       gallery, Adelaide, SA

2008               'Hooked - on the ear’, Zu Design jewellery

                       + objects, Adelaide, SA

2008               The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize,

                       South Australian Museum, Adelaide, SA

2008               'DESIGN NOW' Country Arts SA, Touring

                       regional South Australia

2008               Contemporary Wearables ‘07, Maroondah

                       Art Gallery, VIC

2008               JMGA: Retail Display of South Australian

                       Jewellers, Art Gallery of South Australia,

                       Adelaide, SA

2008               JMGA: Adelaide Airport Display, group

                       show, Adelaide, SA

2007               International Elephant, Sanskriti Kendra,

                       New Delhi, India

2007               Christmas Exhibition, Inform contemporary

                       jewellery, Christchurch, NZ

2007               Xmas Bob Bons, Greenhill Galleries, SA

2007               Biennial, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA

2007               Bright Shiny Things, Zu Design jewellery +

                       objects, Adelaide, SA

2007               Mint, Metalab Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney,


2007               Sixfold, GAFFA Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney,


2007               The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize,

                       South Australian Museum, Adelaide, SA

2007               Contemporary Wearables ‘07, Toowoomba

                       Regional Art Gallery, QLD

2007               Wishlist, Chesser Gallery, Adelaide, SA

2007               On The Cuff, Zu Design jewellery + objects,

                       Adelaide, SA

2007               Mettle, Studio Retail Works Gallery,

                       JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design,

                       Adelaide, SA

2007               Catch-on 2, Jewellery Fair COEX

                       Convention and Exhibition Centre, Seoul,


2007               Fine Art Exhibition ‘07, Scotch College, SA

2007               50 Brooches, CQgallery, Brisbane, QLD

2007               Mint, Zu Design jewellery + objects, SA

2007               Design Derby, Fringe Factory, Adelaide,SA

2007               Dark Elegant Pop, Urban Cow Studio, SA

2006               Jam Boxes, JamFactory Retail Studioworks

                       Gallery, Adelaide, SA

2006               Wrapped, Zu Design, jewellery + objects,

                       Adelaide, SA.

2006               GRASP, Horus & Deloris Contemporary

                       Art Space, Sydney, NSW.

2006               National Contemporary Jewellery Award,

                       Griffith Regional Art Gallery, NSW

2006               Artium, Metal Design Studio New Works,

                       Atrium Space, JamFactory, Adelaide, SA

2006               Italian Centre Prize, Jam Factory

                       Associates, Adelaide Italian Centre, SA

2006               Metal Associates Exhibition, JamFactory

                       Retail Space, Adelaide, SA

2006               Helpmann Academy Graduate Exhibition,

                       Adelaide, SA

2006               Graduate Metal X, Exit Gallery, Sydney

                       College of the Arts, Sydney, NSW

2006               AC ARTS Graduation Exhibition,

                       JamFactory, Adelaide, SA

2005               The Cats Meow, Graduation Exhibition,

                       Tin Cat Cafe, Adelaide, SA

2005               Entree, SALA festival, AC ARTS, SA

2004               Damayanti, Kuma Jewellery, Adelaide, SA

2004              JMGA Delegates Exhibition, Melbourne,VIC




2012               ‘Inside SAM’s Place’ collaborative research

                       project, South Australian Museum,

                       Adelaide, SA

2011               Winner ‘11th Ernest Leviny Award’ Buda

                       House Contemporary Australian Silver


2008               Overall Winner ‘Best innovative

                       contemporary jewellery design’, National

                       Contemporary Jewellery Award

2008               Arts SA, Independent Makers & Presenters

                       Grant, workshop with glass jewellery artist

                       Blanche Tilden

2008               High Commendation, SALA Festival

                       JamFactory Contemporary Craft and

                       Design Award

2007               Helpmann Academy residency, Sanskriti

                       Kendra, New Delhi, India

2007               Adelaide Fringe Award, Best Visual Arts

                       Event for Mint

2006               Arts SA, Project Assistance [emerging artists]

2005               Helpmann Academy Grant, Project





2014              'Patina: 300 Coloration effects for jewellers

                       and metalsmiths', by Matt Runfola, Quarto

2013              'The Hampton Sheet', Oct Issue, New York

2013              'Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers', by

                       JinksMcGrath, Thames and Hudson

2012              'Art Jewelry Magazine' Kalmbach Publishing

2012              ‘Best Of  Worldwide Jewelry Artists Volume

                       II’ , by James Kennedy, Kennedy

                       Publishing, USA

2012              ‘Heat, Color, Set & Fire, by Marthe Le Van,

                       Lark Publishing

2012              ‘The Jewelry-Maker's Guide: Styles &

                       Techniques, by Anastasia Young, Quarto


2011              ‘Showcase – 500 Rings’, by Bruce Metcalf,

                       Lark Publishing

2011              ‘Trouble’ Magazine, June issue

2011              ‘500 Silver Jewelry Designs’, Lark Publishing

2010              ‘The Workbench Guide to Jewelry

                      Techniques’, by Anastasia Young,

                       Interweave Press

2010              ‘Art & Antiques’, INSITE Magazine, Scoop

                      Home, Design & Arts Series, p 185 & p 207,

                       Autumn 2010, WA

2010              ‘Anodize!’, by Clare Stiles, Lark Publishing

2010              ‘Colourful Aluminium Jewellery’, by Lindsey

                       Mann, A&C Black Publishers.

2009              The Adelaide Review, ‘Changing Colours’,

                      JamFactory, Issue 354, Aug edition, p 34.

2009               Rip it up Magazine, ‘Art Picks’, Henna:

                       Love, Life & Happiness, issue 1028, Apr 2

2009              ‘The Compendium Of Contemporary

                       Jewellery Makers’, by Andy Lim, Darling


2008              The Advertiser, ‘Baubles, bangles and bling’,

                       by Margot Osborne, Review Dec 13 edition,

                       p 12.

2008              ‘Adorn: New Jewelry’, by Amanda Mansell,

                       Laurence King Publishing

2008               City Messenger, ’Delhi Wares’, July 30

2008               Rip it up Magazine, ‘Art Talk’ interview, issue

                       994, July 3

2008              ‘Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet: Making Designer

                       Jewellery’, by Mary Hettmansperger, Lark

                       Books publishing

2007               Adelaide Matters, ‘Contents / Show of

                       strength’ Dec/Jan edition

2007               Rip it up Magazine, ‘Visions’, issue 926,

                       April 4

2007               The Advertiser, ‘Fringe proves a hot ticket’,

                       April 3 edition, p 64.

2007               The Australian, ‘Fringe’s essence in vibrant

                       nutshells’, Wendy Walker, April 2 edition,

                       p 18.

2007               The Advertiser, ‘Support Act’ March 3


2007               Adelaide Matters, ‘Sparkle and Shine’

                       March edition

2006               Adelaide Matters, ‘Out of the Box’ Dec/Jan


2006               SA Life magazine, ‘Exquisite Objects’,

                       October, volume 3, edition 10

2006               Place magazine : architecture + design +

                       placemaking, ‘D.I.A.’ October, volume 2,

                       edition 2

2006               Sydney Morning Herald, ‘GRASP’

                       September 30

2006               Adelaide Matters, ‘Precious Metal’ March


2005               Adelaide Matters, December edition

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